Dancing in the Dark | 26. Found

Dancinginthedark image 26 yang

26. Found

(For all the searching ones…)

O, where are you,
this tie upon my soul?
You rope of indestructible strength?
Where is your sweet voice
that I call out for at night?
Where are you,
this hope in me that keeps on keeping,
diving into depths?
O, rope upon my soul-
You lasso of the Night,
you come into my day, you sweep
upon my evening shores…
There is no time, let it be said,
that I do not long to see your face.
Where? A whisper. Then a strength.
Where? You seem to dance,
and dance the night away.
This is a call, I suppose, a ping into the dark…
I never will stop looking, until
I see where you are.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

Warning Signs


Warning Signs

The sun rose up
from the bramble of life,
but who would greet her?
In this silence, a stranger.
A knock on the door of existence,
Who would let her in?
Shames and Graces abound;
first one, and then the other.
“I am not alive!” cried she,
as she set, to find some other fool—
but none awakened, not one.
“Perhaps I will not come again,”
she whispered through the wind.
“For, no, not one, would come alive,
and heed my warning signs.”


Dancing in the Dark | 25. Feng-Huang

Dancinginthedark image 25 yin

25. Feng-Huang

The moon danced with her,
Said, “Look at me,
You can overcome all these things.
Just breathe the air we’re moving through,
Stand at the Gate, rest assured;
Not forgotten, hidden, out of sight,
Rise from these ashes, out of the night,
The world is going to be that place,
Where darkness turns to this daylight-
A rousing song, a fight to be won,
Just stand at the door, ready, wait:
Hold your breath, then let it loose,
This is the story of me and you-
How the world was ready for a change,
But who would stand to start the waves,
Of might and power, of heart and soul,
Just me, if you’ll have me – just you, if you’ll see
More than all the thousand things, you said that you could never be.
The pain has lasted through the night,
The weight is heavy, this I know,
But dawn is risen, rising now,
It’s time to get up and take a bow.”

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours


Dancing in the Dark | 24. Ψυχή 🦋

Dancinginthedark image 24 yang

24. Ψυχή 🦋

Psyche awakened, out from the old
Ways of Pandora, the box it would hold,
The Hope she had longed for, returned to the air,
While darkness and evil, flew back into their lair.
Woman was freed from her choices within,
That set loose these dark days of struggle and sin,
And so Cupid released them, a fair youth was he,
To uncover their love, in this a new feast:
A wedding of hopes, that long waited for,
Promise of time, and all she would hoard,
Away in the night, while the story was sung,
Until that day came, and the bells would be rung-
Love finally would gather the souls of this earth,
Awakened, at last, a gathering first-
for Psyche to receive, all that she deserved:
A marriage forever, immortal, unswervingly hers;
Amor came and rescued, not only her heart, but yours,
From death and its working, now on to Love’s Door!
This is the story, of a butterfly’s last look,
At earth before heaven, the day the world shook.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

The Clearing


Do not try to save
the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create
a clearing
in the dense forest
of your life
and wait there
until the song
that is your life
falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know
how to give yourself
to this world
so worth of rescue.

– Martha Postlewaite, Clearing

The Winds of Change


The Winds of Change

Dear Friends,

I stood on a hill, washed in the bathing light of day, as a hand reached out to call my name. I could feel it. I could see it. I knew, in the beating pound of my chest, that time had come for her reward. The waves and bends of unseen lights danced into my vision for memory’s sake – a photographic stop into design. History would never be the same.

Has the past ever washed upon your present so strongly that you lost your grasp, your breath, your hope? Have you ever been knocked to your knees, left incomplete? Has your soul ever drank of fear until there was nowhere lower left to go? It has taken me many years to find the thread of goodness in the midst of impossible odds. I waiver still. I never wanted to be like everyone else. I never wanted to be so different. I just wanted to LOVE. The nature of this world makes it so difficult to hold your head up high and fight to be brave – it can be done, but not without a fighting hold on something larger than you can own. You have to reach up, beyond yourself and into another might. I won’t sugar-coat it: our selves are not enough – we need another heartbeat besides our own. I have reached all my life, not just to survive but to pave a way in a mountain of desire. We all have hopes; we need to learn to reach for the giver of those things. If your life is anything like mine, the God of men has failed you time and time again, and he’s seemed a harsh-hearted overlord. And you’re right to think so, for men have proved to us it’s true, but he’s not man and, man, is a terrible god. This is why I reach, because I always believed there was another way. I always believed there was a greater voice called, Love, and I wanted to be there when he showed up. If you ever doubt there’s something good on the way, I will stand as a reminder for all that wish to see:

I’ve been bound, enslaved, my heart put to sleep by cruelty’s mind, and still I live. I am proof, I promise you, that you can walk through a fire and not be burned. You can have your life shredded in ugly, messy pieces around you and still get up to say: ‘It’s a good day, and Love has not forgotten my name.’

Wherever you stand today, you are an important part of a story that the winds of change are blowing by, so lift up your weary or hanging head and know this:

Hard-earned hope will have its day.


The Final Page


“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”

– Rumi

Dancing in the Dark | 23.

Dancinginthedark image 23 yinyang


It’s a supersonic kind of joy
Where even unbelievers lift
to a height, they did not know could exist.
It’s just an open invitation,
A welcome to the wanting,
Where sins are for the shadows
and weights another day;
This one, is for a party,
A celebration of Her and Him.
It’s a rumor of a wedding,
A marriage of Two Hearts.
Come, if you are thirsty,
Feel alone or outside life;
There’s someone here to greet you:
The Father of all life.
It’s a tale, some say, as old as time,
and he’s the author of the story,
Where Beauty met her Savior,
the one that gave them life.
Their story isn’t full of strengths,
– a valley reaching low –
Defeatism was a name, to the life
that gave them shame. But,
That was then and this is now:
It’s like a river brought to life,
standing up within its depths.
There was something else upon
the Mind of Glory’s Maker:
– This –
A party to end all parties, for
The ones who thought
No one else could love them,
but they were wrong;
There’s a place for every heart
That had no place within this world, in fact,
Yours is at the table, standing with the Bride and Groom,
YOU are the guest to find fresh honor,
a loving from their eyes.
Their hearts, you see, they came together,
To hold YOUR heart with theirs:
The child of their honor,
The very One they love.
So come on in,
The party’s almost started, and Rumor has it:
It’s dancing time.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours



“Just a silence away
from victory”, she said.
“A maddening rush into,
an unknown dive.
Get ready to breathe,
and be alive.”