Dancing in the Dark | 26. Found

Dancinginthedark image 26 yang

26. Found

(For all the searching ones…)

O, where are you,
this tie upon my soul?
You rope of indestructible strength?
Where is your sweet voice
that I call out for at night?
Where are you,
this hope in me that keeps on keeping,
diving into depths?
O, rope upon my soul-
You lasso of the Night,
you come into my day, you sweep
upon my evening shores…
There is no time, let it be said,
that I do not long to see your face.
Where? A whisper. Then a strength.
Where? You seem to dance,
and dance the night away.
This is a call, I suppose, a ping into the dark…
I never will stop looking, until
I see where you are.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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