Dancing in the Dark | 25. Feng-Huang

Dancinginthedark image 25 yin

25. Feng-Huang

The moon danced with her,
Said, “Look at me,
You can overcome all these things.
Just breathe the air we’re moving through,
Stand at the Gate, rest assured;
Not forgotten, hidden, out of sight,
Rise from these ashes, out of the night,
The world is going to be that place,
Where darkness turns to this daylight-
A rousing song, a fight to be won,
Just stand at the door, ready, wait:
Hold your breath, then let it loose,
This is the story of me and you-
How the world was ready for a change,
But who would stand to start the waves,
Of might and power, of heart and soul,
Just me, if you’ll have me – just you, if you’ll see
More than all the thousand things, you said that you could never be.
The pain has lasted through the night,
The weight is heavy, this I know,
But dawn is risen, rising now,
It’s time to get up and take a bow.”

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours


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