Dancing in the Dark | 24. Ψυχή 🦋

Dancinginthedark image 24 yang

24. Ψυχή 🦋

Psyche awakened, out from the old
Ways of Pandora, the box it would hold,
The Hope she had longed for, returned to the air,
While darkness and evil, flew back into their lair.
Woman was freed from her choices within,
That set loose these dark days of struggle and sin,
And so Cupid released them, a fair youth was he,
To uncover their love, in this a new feast:
A wedding of hopes, that long waited for,
Promise of time, and all she would hoard,
Away in the night, while the story was sung,
Until that day came, and the bells would be rung-
Love finally would gather the souls of this earth,
Awakened, at last, a gathering first-
for Psyche to receive, all that she deserved:
A marriage forever, immortal, unswervingly hers;
Amor came and rescued, not only her heart, but yours,
From death and its working, now on to Love’s Door!
This is the story, of a butterfly’s last look,
At earth before heaven, the day the world shook.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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