The Winds of Change


The Winds of Change

Dear Friends,

I stood on a hill, washed in the bathing light of day, as a hand reached out to call my name. I could feel it. I could see it. I knew, in the beating pound of my chest, that time had come for her reward. The waves and bends of unseen lights danced into my vision for memory’s sake – a photographic stop into design. History would never be the same.

Has the past ever washed upon your present so strongly that you lost your grasp, your breath, your hope? Have you ever been knocked to your knees, left incomplete? Has your soul ever drank of fear until there was nowhere lower left to go? It has taken me many years to find the thread of goodness in the midst of impossible odds. I waiver still. I never wanted to be like everyone else. I never wanted to be so different. I just wanted to LOVE. The nature of this world makes it so difficult to hold your head up high and fight to be brave – it can be done, but not without a fighting hold on something larger than you can own. You have to reach up, beyond yourself and into another might. I won’t sugar-coat it: our selves are not enough – we need another heartbeat besides our own. I have reached all my life, not just to survive but to pave a way in a mountain of desire. We all have hopes; we need to learn to reach for the giver of those things. If your life is anything like mine, the God of men has failed you time and time again, and he’s seemed a harsh-hearted overlord. And you’re right to think so, for men have proved to us it’s true, but he’s not man and, man, is a terrible god. This is why I reach, because I always believed there was another way. I always believed there was a greater voice called, Love, and I wanted to be there when he showed up. If you ever doubt there’s something good on the way, I will stand as a reminder for all that wish to see:

I’ve been bound, enslaved, my heart put to sleep by cruelty’s mind, and still I live. I am proof, I promise you, that you can walk through a fire and not be burned. You can have your life shredded in ugly, messy pieces around you and still get up to say: ‘It’s a good day, and Love has not forgotten my name.’

Wherever you stand today, you are an important part of a story that the winds of change are blowing by, so lift up your weary or hanging head and know this:

Hard-earned hope will have its day.


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