Dancing in the Dark | 23.

Dancinginthedark image 23 yinyang


It’s a supersonic kind of joy
Where even unbelievers lift
to a height, they did not know could exist.
It’s just an open invitation,
A welcome to the wanting,
Where sins are for the shadows
and weights another day;
This one, is for a party,
A celebration of Her and Him.
It’s a rumor of a wedding,
A marriage of Two Hearts.
Come, if you are thirsty,
Feel alone or outside life;
There’s someone here to greet you:
The Father of all life.
It’s a tale, some say, as old as time,
and he’s the author of the story,
Where Beauty met her Savior,
the one that gave them life.
Their story isn’t full of strengths,
– a valley reaching low –
Defeatism was a name, to the life
that gave them shame. But,
That was then and this is now:
It’s like a river brought to life,
standing up within its depths.
There was something else upon
the Mind of Glory’s Maker:
– This –
A party to end all parties, for
The ones who thought
No one else could love them,
but they were wrong;
There’s a place for every heart
That had no place within this world, in fact,
Yours is at the table, standing with the Bride and Groom,
YOU are the guest to find fresh honor,
a loving from their eyes.
Their hearts, you see, they came together,
To hold YOUR heart with theirs:
The child of their honor,
The very One they love.
So come on in,
The party’s almost started, and Rumor has it:
It’s dancing time.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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