Dancing in the Dark | 22.

Dancinginthedark image 22 yang


I reached to touch the light
of an incandescent dream.
Where, are you,
Mirage eclipsed?
Then, it happened,
I knew:
It was a dancing with the dawning
of a Voice I’d always known,
and his dreaming matched my longing…
A vision of a whisper,
I’d told no one what I knew.
Open eyes to clouds
that hold a mystery out of view;
a tidal wave of lights, that tell a story,
of me and you.
Dance from point to point, a vector
reaching through the stars;
It took me all these years, you see,
to find out where you are.
Journeys are for searching,
finding gems amongst the dirt;
The healing comes in finding,
you’re no longer who you were.
And if this story plays its song,
a melody for the world,
There will be, I promise this:
A Reckoning of these words.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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