Dancing in the Dark | 21.

Dancinginthedark image 21 yang


Listening on a mountaintop,
The call, it was, “Return!”
To a higher plain, a risen way
through waves of time and through the space
of all that has ever been and made,
In Rocks and Stones
of highlights old,
In reels and films, and
Adventurer’s days,
Listening to none, but
Heart and soul,
Making ways in walls of stone;
This is the breaking down of men
Within their hearts to Nature’s way,
Where somehow,
Simplicity reigns, and
Men are free to gain again,
In wars and peace, in throes they ache,
to find a kinder, valiant way, of
Heroes dancing upon waves-
Invisible Light, in Vision made,
And to restore what should have been-
In the beginning: it will stay.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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