The Revealing


Dear Friends,

I hesitate to share the following sketch, because I do not consider it my best. It was easy to draw, but it gives me pause. It represents the depth of what I’ve been feeling – living looking through the world, not at it – but, without the feelings of that moment, it seems dim somehow…a poor shadow of what I saw.

A Revealing crop with signature.jpg

The Revealing, detail

How much of life is like that? A poor shadow of what could really be? A looking through a glass dimly, distorted, not quite real. How often do we stumble through that which we should dance into? How often do we feel ashamed, embarrassed and disquieted in the skin of the world we call our own? This has been my questioning of late; my wondering at how we accept so much and yet reach so little into what we cannot comprehend or contain.

Minds of science search for proof, while I swear all we need is pure, unadulterated belief. Believing, somehow, opens up cells of existence and infuses them with life. Believing challenges, enlightens, tears down and restores.

Belief acts as a cornerstone to the revelation of all that lies within. Her eyes open up the endless depths of the world and challenge us to consider a change of dialogue – progress of another kind, where the world is softer…and more alive.

Today, I search, to believe, because I know no other way…because this world, as it is, has never been enough for my wandering heart and soul. I know this path is not for all, but I’ll always long to take you with me anyway; for, I was born with a heart full of seats for the hungry. This is who I am.

Hoping, looking, searching, inviting,


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