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Dear Friends,

I wanted to be anything but myself. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. I wanted to chase peaceful lines and muted hues. I did not want to learn; I merely wanted to escape.


Chasing the light and unwrapping my inner world never ceases to be a struggle. There is still such a chasm within me between who I want to be and who I am. For years, I have simplified everything around me out of necessity – a means to cope with the bright and colorful flashes in my mind – but I have remained caught in a one-sided story.

My journey with art, of late, has been my mountain; it has conquered my weaknesses, hinted at my strengths and left me depleted…all the while requiring a level of authenticity that I did not know my heart was missing. This climb will not leave me the same.

Truth journeys – journeys of becoming, discovery and exploration – are not meant to be easy. Ease removes the beauty from achievement; it dims our triumph and dulls our senses. Mountains are meant to teach us of the glories of struggle – victory’s true aim. For, what can we overcome that we have not wrestled?

Here’s to the authenticity of weaknesses and strengths – I dare you to climb, create, live and explore them to the fullest!



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