Dancing in the Dark | 16.

dancinginthedark image 16 yang


Sitting before the circle of the world,
You found me;
Raised arms,
a kind of bliss,
Weighted, unbound,
Kings and Queens
and thrones Royal, round,
It has been heard:
Throughout all lands,
A song, a light within,
That scaled a wall
unlike his might.
He traveled, this,
a stormy sea,
to find his home in Me.
An effervescent, iridescent,
living truth upon the seas, of
Being, Hopes and Light, fulfilled.
Waving strengths that brought us might,
This is the phrase tomorrow brings:
Forever Be,
In this our loving throughout all,
Our kneeling down within the weight, of
History’s might and quilted veil,
To uncover, shames and graces,
Deep, dark, unearthed places.
Just one touch, to
A unified theory of all that brings
Life within throughout the ages,
Standing still, never living,
Alive unto the very breath
of life itself, until
We disappeared into its giving:

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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