Risking the Dive

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Dear Friends,

The thunder shook with me, and I did not know how it echoed the uncertainties of my heart. She hovered unrelentingly over the entrance to within – a challenge to my fears.

“As terrified as you may be, you are meant to break free!” The lightning came and shattered my illusions.

I took a deep breath and endeavored to steady my hands. One more step, that’s all it would take; just one more terrifying step.

How often do we stop just before we reach our aim? Like a BASE jumper without a parachute, life can seem the ultimate risk at times. Do you feel it? That paralyzingly fear before you dive into improbable odds? I do. All the time. I live with constant stress levels, whether I want them or not, and every day is a choice: to risk living or to quit.

The thunder spurred me on to reach beyond the moment; beyond my inner terror, beyond my shames and fears, beyond the numerous improbabilities of my life. I was and am the owner of an overwhelmed heart, but sunbreaks follow storms…and this I know full well.

So, if you’re living in a storm today, take a step forward anyway and walk hand-in-hand with that fight. The beauty comes, not when we want it, but when we need it most: in the middle of that parachute-less dive.

Risking the dive,


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