Dear Friends,

The auction gavel beat the podium with a kind of restrained fury. The chamber roared with the silencing weight of what had become. Hushed, the noise grew to abate into an awe; a stutter, a filth of riches outpoured. To be grateful or to weep? This was the deep drawing of a moment in time; too precious, too extraordinary…unfathomable.

Life is an unexpected journey. She will take you places you could have never foreseen. Not all will dance with her, but all are invited. You don’t have to stay the same. You do not have to remain comfortable. In fact, you can dance with the impossible if you would like. Time affords us chances to reinvent our destinies…not as we’d envisioned…but as they ought to become.

I write this to say:
Stand up! Hold your heart up high! What do you have that beats within your chest? Pour it out! Reach! Bleed! Become.

There’s a horizon on the rise and it is entirely worth reaching. Join me?



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