Painted on Wings


Dear Friends,

I spent the night weeping without tears; a heart convulsion of love. The aim danced invisibly upon my desire, and wings, the growth of them, were my only chance at attainment. There was, simply, nowhere to go but up.

Have you ever experienced it? That longing for a thing you cannot name? Have you ever been so deep and so high that nothing but gravity’s pulling way could contain you?

It was like that: two opposing forces…and I wished only for flight. Forget weekends, and daylight and plans to be made. Forget everything but this lifting light. Sometimes, I think that’s the only way; breathing deep until you could scream for the bliss of what you cannot contain. It will shake you, rattle you, turn you upside down…and heal you.

So when you cannot sleep,
so when you long to reach, into anything
that will make you feel alive:
dive deep…and breathe.
The answer will come
with painted on wings.


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