The Weaving


Dear Friends,

The music reached deep inside me and pulled out my grandest hopes – each string a victory, a promise – and a memory emerged, strong and sure. Life is such an incredible weaving of time and purpose and, if you hang on long enough, you will be there when the exquisite beauty of her plan unfolds.

There is something so quietly profound about meeting the past in the present. What some call déjà vu, I call, ‘what has always been’. An anomaly of my mind is that I do not always experience time in the traditional form. I often feel that I am everywhere all at once; living then, now and somewhere up ahead. Imagine time as a sunlit nucleus of a greater whole…and you will have just ventured into the fringes of my mind. This unusual view affords me glimpses of things I could not otherwise know, and it has made me a hopeless romantic. Time is both the strength and grief of my heart; for I have seen her glories…and I have seen the things we’ve missed-the doors that we have closed. Still, I cling to the glories; for very little is without Hope, should we choose her.

Wherever these words find you tonight, know this: there is a plan. I can see it. I have already wept our losses and danced our joys. I have held the hearts of those I cannot see and whispered ‘love’ into their need. The journey may be arduous and long, but the Time that holds us together is strong.

Wishing peace for all,


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