A Beacon


Dear Friends,

It took me a long time to see:

The longing is the beautiful part of love, not the having. I think so often when we have we forget. Longing is a voice, a push, a desperation inside us that causes us to cry out for more, to be more. Lovers, before they reach their aim, are daring and bold, fantastical beings who, every day, risk an adventurous flight. It’s not that the having can’t be beautiful, but it depends on the journey. How hard was it? How long did it take? What did it cost us to get there? I think we value something so much more when we’ve felt its desperate absence. So, if you’re on a journey of love, whatever that may be and wherever that might take you, I hope you treasure each achingly, sweet step. I’m telling you: the true beauty is in the absence, the lack, the longing. It tells us all we need to know. It tells us the worth of what we’re after. The ache is a beacon toward that North Star. Get lost in it…you won’t be disappointed.


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