Dancing in the Dark | 六 – 七

Dancinginthedark image 六 - 七 yin

六 – 七

A hunger just came out of me,
Like a lightning soul,
The reach is this:
So painfully sweet,
Each wave and bend,
a fainting dance, to pretend
That all of this means nothing at all.
I saw you shine for the very first time,
How is it I thought I knew,
all there was, to this.
Where to let my longing roam?
A face? A name? It’s too simple,
To call on things I’ve merely seen.
We, are not all we seem.
Each banner, a waving pound,
A heart rendered desirous indeed-
In waiting upon what I cannot see.
Please, let me be, in a place
where longing has a face.
Echo upon my aching skin
To the timing of a twist and turn,
Where beloveds have a dance their own,
And no one will ever have to know-
The suffering, the pain, in the midst
of triumph’s name.
Let me hear it again,
Just a shouting of need
in stereo’s fame.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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