Dancing in the Dark | 5.

DancingintheDark image 5 yang


Do you see me? I see you.
Just the daylight ramblings,
of a nighttime soul.
This reminded me, of a past I’d rather
just not hear.
How others have had to loose their souls, too-
A deep way.
I’ve just had enough, of that pain, and
perhaps, you know:
When an invisible lie is told-
That happiness is love, in human form.
I try to give beyond it -why don’t they hear? –
What is this confusion? This melding of the years,
of what has been and what may be.
Why is it that I just want to stop -and weep-
I see, because I’ve been looked beyond and through-
an invisible line to a marking point,
to others, a point of fear.
This is what I wonder, in the caverns, of
My soul. Who knows-
So many locked-out doors, and
I just wanted One, a voice.
I wanted to be known,
Not in any ordinary way, but
In Everything, Every-way, Everywhere.
A grateful pull, a looking out the dark,
feeling desperate, when I needn’t-
I can see. Lines aren’t made for ghosts,
visions in the dark; Light
She’s always near, so
Though this reminds, a heavy heart, a shattered soul,
of times when I just pounded fists
On empty doors
I have to remember:
You’re still here.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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