Dancing in the Dark | 4.

DancingintheDark image 4 yang


I sat upon a mountaintop and saw a world within a world.
I sat upon a mountaintop, and I became;
For in the silence and in her wind,
with thinness of air the answers came –
One at a time, slowly, then fast,
Then I knew: this is the reason, the answer, the hope –
And then he came and sat with me too,
and we built, brick by brick, a house upon a river upon a mountain that we knew.
You see, there is a riddle here, a parable of sorts:
That which you seek, you become,
and they are becoming too.
Do not despise the day of small beginnings,
Nor grow so complacent in your flat, lush, round world;
For we are but shadows, a conference of birds
Meant to fly above mountains and, in finding Him,
find worlds upon worlds.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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