Beyond the Outside


Dear Friends,

How often do we judge a book by its perceived cover? How often do we look with either envy or contempt on something we think we want…or something we do not understand. Covers are misleading. Appearances can be deceiving. I know. I have spent far too many moments battling the perceptions of others.

Here is what you do not know about me:
My public persona is an art form – a semblance of control; of endeavoring to keep together the wandering pieces of my mind. I have been through hell…and have come out the other side. I have seen heaven…and that has kept me alive.

We all have stories, but some of us hide…the pieces we’re sure no one else would like. But here’s the truth: these hidden pieces – our shames, our fears, our vulnerabilities, our weaknesses – these are a part of the beautiful whole. These are what make us so achingly human.

In my heart of hearts, I wish us all to ache in the open. Be brave! Be fearfully fearless! I know how much it hurts to show your scars – people can be brutal with their words – but you will not find that here. I stand with a tear, with a smile, with a hope – with arms that long to love every aching soul.

So, to all those that wander:
If you’ve looked but not found HOME, I hope you will find a home in these words and in the heart behind them:



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