Dancing in the Dark | 3.

DancingintheDark Image 3 yang


Lean on me;
Not in a hurry, nor in surprise.
I am the one of all angles, of things
unknown to your eyes.
Look! A whisper, a truth!
Grasp it if you can!
I have come that you might have life!
Oh wait, that’s right…
You’ve never seen me, as you do
When your heart is turned toward something new-
A delight, a passion, a search for a truth.
Listen now, rest assured,
Be assured in my eyes,
that the light I’ve given you, comes
but once in a life.
Hold. Fast. Weep. Cry.
Linger, if you dare.
This saving of the world is a glorious affair!

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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