Dancing in the Dark | 2.

DancingintheDark Image 2 yin


“You’re safe in my arms.”
It was like a whisper I could not believe.
Somewhere, a twinkle,
of Eternity,
And the two became one,
and I swear I could not tell, the soul,
beyond the visage, which was which.
“What kind of mystery is this?”
I said to the twinkling stars,
“that the DNA of life is wrapped firmly in his arms.”

Somewhere I heard a laugh, -a pause-
A twinkling through the dark;
“What deep voice, is this?” I thought.
I gazed ahead without alarm,
I’d heard something, again, I knew
That underneath the shallow laugh
was depth of thought and might;
The Dark she was no foe to Night,
a cousin, neighbor, wife to light,
And so I rend my heart again,
I heard, I saw, that in his eyes,
which twinkles, laughs and feels dismay
and so I will say again and again:

I am nothing on my own.

-LFE, Dancing in the Dark: poems from the night hours

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