Color Bound


Dear Friends,

I just can’t stop. I can’t stop reaching, I can’t stop seeking – enough is never enough. I’m telling you this because my heart bleeds in greens and golds; in life and riches that cannot be found in expected places. If I could, if you would, I would take you all to the deepest places of my heart: I am color bound. You see, the world is a beautiful place; its framework, its author, its giving, its life – and I just can’t get enough. My heart is scaling universes of hope today; wishing, with all my might, that I might take you with me. The world can be such a lonely place – I would see loneliness eradicated. I wish to see us all, arms linked, in one glorious, fighting light of victory. That is my wish. That is my hope. This is the rawness of my heart:

That all would be encapsulated in LOVE.


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