Dancing in the Dark

Dear Friends,

Where do you go when you hurt? What or whom do you call on when there is nothing left to do but weep?

For me, darkness is my solitude, my clarity – the clearing of my mind. It’s a time when all distractions flee, and I am left with the silence of my racing mind…and, for once, nothing but light, should I welcome her, can find its way into me. It’s a time to weed out demons and dance with unlikely stars.


I encourage you to find solace in unlikely places. I encourage you to look into your depths…and then look beyond them. Answers do not come with our busy feet and wandering minds. I encourage you to take a leap into a seemingly dark place – in time, you will walk through it back into the light. I promise you, you will.

Sending love to those that need it
and light where it’s most absent,


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