Dare alla Luce

Dear Friends,

[On a day where few will be satisfied with the impending outcome…]

This is how the world feels to me right now: a muddied mixture of shaded hues, made more evident by man’s shallow attempts at illumination. We are on the brink of something I am reluctant to name…but it is not the darkness I fear.

What would happen if we chose to see beyond all the layers of the moment? What would happen if we got to the heart of the beneath? Leonardo da Vinci once said, “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.” Beneath our light, be it authentic or man-made, lies something greater.

May I suggest that darkness is not the absence of light but, rather, an eclipse of our perceptions. We look into the universe and see nothing but that does not mean that something is not there. Take dark matter, for instance. We cannot see her, feel her or even entirely prove that she exists, and yet, there remains evidence of a gravitational pull we cannot name, a filling of space we cannot see. There is something else that holds us together…even in the absence of light.


There is a phrase in Italian that lingers with me: dare alla luce. It means: to give birth; literally, to give to the light. Wherever we fall in the arguments of our political and national structures, may we be reminded: that if in darkness we are made and if in light we are revealed, it is there, in all of that gloriously messy process, that our true purpose is being birthed. This day may greet some of us with joy and others with pain and consternation, but I think we all, whatever our experience, are being challenged to grow, to learn and to perhaps find a new way of being. Reform never comes because we are satisfied with the ways things are; indeed, reform comes on the backs of our collective struggles and our desire to push ourselves forward. So wether it be in triumph or weariness, may we “give to the light” our hopes, our dreams, our darknesses and fears, and remember: just because we cannot see the answer, does not mean it is not there.

I leave you with this:

There is no night
that cannot be overcome,
and there is no dawning
that truth cannot outshine.


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